Worldwide Supplier Of Chip Collection & Melt Preparation Systems For The Metals Industry


ReMelt Scientific Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually build on our reputation of product excellence, sustainable technology, and process innovation to provide quality and reliable products and services in the safest and most cost effective manner that meet the needs of our worldwide customer base.

ReMelt Scientific Philosophy

ReMelt Scientific specializes in providing engineered solutions for the chip processing needs of the metals industry.  The ReMelt concept thrives when able to combine our expertise and experience with our educated customer, become their trusted partner, and successfully design and integrate high quality systems with superior quality and unprecedented operational efficiencies that meet and often exceed performance and longevity expectations.

ReMelt Scientific is an engineering company - not a manufacturing company.  This allows us to work in close partnership with our supplier base to provide cost effective quality products that define the ReMelt chip processing system that has become the industry standard within the aluminum wheel industry.

ReMelt Scientific is a system integrator that uses the best products available for each particular installation.  Every ReMelt system is custom engineered to the specific needs of each and every project, ensuring that the best solution for each and every particular installation is met with focused attention to meet desired results. 

ReMelt Scientific takes metal chip processing/treatment and melt preparation to a new level, maximizing metal yield rates, minimizing energy consumption while providing reliable heavy-duty systems.

With over 130 years of combined experience with engineering, supplying and installing metal chip processing/treatment systems, ReMelt combines solid experience with innovative processes and equipment such as our new 60” chip centrifuge, the largest commercially available.


Why Choose ReMelt Scientific?


ReMelt is the worldwide leader in the recycling of internally generated scrap for the aluminum wheel industry.  ReMelt also supplies chip systems to many other segments within the aluminum industry, with production rates ranging from 1,000 lbs/hr to 15,000 lbs/hr. 

Titanium Turnings

ReMelt designs and supplies titanium aqueous wash and melt preparation systems that will crush, wash, rinse, dry, and magnetically separate titanium chips with production rates in excess of 2,000 lbs/per hr.

Weigh & Blend Systems

ReMelt systems are designed to weigh and blend various alloys, such as;  titanium chips, titanium sponge, master alloys, aluminum, iron, TiO2, and others to meet customer desired chemistry needs that adhere to aerospace industry requirements.

Other Metals/Services

ReMelt has a wide range of experience processing other metals such as; brass, bronze,  nickel, stainless steel, and steel. ReMelt has qualified personnel available to visit, evaluate, and consult on your specific project.

"You either have a ReMelt System, or wish you did!"